That New Yorker (eurithmic8464) wrote in new_wave_rave,
That New Yorker


Name: Billy

Year Born: 1984

Location: New York, USA

Favorite year(s): Probably in particular 1981-1985 but all of it is amazing if you ask me!

Favorite New Wave Bands: Obviously the username speaks for itself...I love Eurythmics. I also like Dead or Alive, A Flock of Seagulls (got to seem them live in 2002!), Kajagoogoo and I am also a fan of The Human League

Worst New Wave Band(s): Hmmmm...not sure about this one

Overall opinion of the 80's: It was the greatest decade ever...In my opinion anyway

Opinion on gays: I have a few gay friends and they are the best! I guess I really don't have an opinion on them...never thought about it really because I grew up around gay people.

Recommend a really good New Wave song: The best new wave song to me is Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics!!
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