beavisbeavis (beavisbeavis) wrote in new_wave_rave,

New person here!

Name: Melissa
Year Born: 1989
Location: California

Favorite year(s) (Music wise): I would say about 1979-1987
Favorite New Wave Bands: Heaven 17, Yaz, Falco, Sparks, Thompson Twins
Worst New Wave Band(s): Spandu Ballet, Roman Holliday (I just don't like them)
Overall opinion of the 80's: Awesome! I'll just leave it at that, instead of writing a huge essay
Opinion on gays: I don't really see how this is very relavent to New Wave but I believe that they shouldn't be cast aside like a bunch of freaks because they go against Christain beliefs-they're humans too!

Recommend a really good New Wave song: "Five Minutes To Midnight" by Heaven 17, and also, "Junge Römer" by Falco
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