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New Wave dance hall
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This Community is for all the New Wave fans on Live Journal to get together, share pictures, and talk about bands. This is a rateing community, but it isn't Just based on looks. Although it is nice to be good looking, Who are we to judge on who is Ugly and who isn't.
We made this a rateing community because we don't just want any shmuck who thinks they like new wave because they know a duran duran song, to just come in and post.
New Wave consists of: punk/rock n roll (77-82), Synthpop, and brit pop.

The Rules are
No being Cruel, if you have to be a total asshole, just IM them or leave a comment on there Live Journal, we don't want it in here.
No useing other peoples bandwidth dont be a pain in the ass
No commenting or posting if you didn't apply and/or get accepted people said no for a reason, so leave
You MUST Post your app. within 48 hours of joining.
Put your app. under an lj cut or it will get deleted
No likeing shitty bands ok?

Year Born:

Favorite year(s) (Music wise):
Favorite New Wave Bands:
Worst New Wave Band(s):
Overall opinion of the 80's:
Opinion on gays:

Recommend a really good New Wave song:

*Optional* Post some pix. (Less then 4 pix)


Your Mod's

Ashley ___veruca and Rosa midnightbabe77
1977, 1982, 1984, a flock of seagulls, age 1 & 2, alphaville, altered images, angelic upstarts, animotion, anne clarke, b-movie, bauhaus, berlin, black, blancmange, boom crash opera, bow wow wow, britts, bronski beat, cabaret voltaire, china crisis, chris and cosey, classix nouveaux, click click, clock dva, close lobsters, cocteau twins, culture club, daf, danse society, dead or alive, depeche mode, devo, dramatis, drinking electricity, duet emmo, duran duran, echo and the bunneymen, eddie and sunshine, erasure, eurythmics, everything but the girl, eyeless in gaza, fad gadget, falco, fashion, fiat lux, frankie goes to hollywood, freur, furniture*, gang of four, gimpy, girls at our best*, haircut 100, hard corps, heaven 17, howard jones, hte libertines, human league, i start counting, icehouse, images in vogue, indochine, inxs, japan, john foxx, johnny marr, joy division, kajagoogoo, kane gang*, kas product, kids in the kitchen, killing joke, king, kissing the pink, kraftwerk, la, landscape, laurie anderson, legendary pink dots, lene lovich, liaisons dangereuses, london, love and rockets, m, machinations, magazine, manchester, mark lane, martha & the muffins, men without hats, mi-sex, minny pops, missing persons, modern english, moev, monsoon, morrissey, naked eyes, naked lunch, nash the slash, omd, paul haig, richard bone, robert smith, sex pistols, sham 69, shane macgowan, simple minds, synthpop, the art of noise, the associates, the bolshoi, the buggles, the buzzcocks, the church, the clash, the cure, the dugites, the fast set, the fixx, the flying lizards, the icicle works, the lotus eaters, the mighty wah, the models, the moods*, the motels, the nipps, the pixies, the plasmatics, the ramones, the smiths, the vibrators, thomas dolby, uk, violent femmes, x ray spex